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Electrochem Technologies & Materials Inc.

Electrowinning Iron and Recycling Sulfuric Acid from Iron Sulfates: a Zero-Carbon Iron-Making Process

Author:                   François Cardarelli

Publisher:              Electrochem Technologies & Materials Inc., Montreal (QC), Canada

Pages :                  xxviii, 471 pages, 181 tables, 140 figures B/W and Color
Format:                  6 inches x 9 inches (15.24 cm x 22.86 cm)

ISBN 978-1-7775769-3-6    Softcover        November 7, 2023
ISBN 978-1-7775769-5-0    Hardcover       November 8, 2023
ISBN 9781777576943   eBook             November 6, 2023

Flyer (Front Cover - Table of Contents - List of Figures - List of Tables - Index - About the Author - Back Cover)

This comprehensive monograph is primarily intended to describe the patented FerWIN® technology, a green and zero-carbon iron-making process, which consists to perform the electrowinning of iron metal and the recycling of sulfuric acid from iron sulfates that are by-produced at the million tons scale worldwide while releasing pure oxygen gas off setting greenhouse gases and contributing to the decarbonization of the steel industry towards sustainability and a circular economy.

The information has been presented in such a form that industrial electrochemists, chemical engineers, metallurgists, and other practicing engineers, scientists, professors, and technologists will have access to relevant scientific and technical information supported by key experimental data that were obtained from more than a decade of extensive laboratory, prototype, and pilot testing at company facilities and client locations. It also includes comprehensive electrochemical and engineering calculations, costs and benefits analysis, financial and sensitivity analysis for an iron electrowinning plant with a nameplate capacity of 100,000 tonnes of pure iron metal per year.

This monograph will be of value also to men and women engaged in the traditional iron and steelmaking industries that want to understand this novel electrochemical technology outside their conventional blast furnace, direct reduced iron, and electric arc smelting processes to produce green steel and avoid carbon emissions and the associated risks of using hydrogen.

Finally, the monograph may be of interest to persons in the steelmaking industries occupying managerial positions such as chief executives, chief operating officers, and V.P. of operations.

The following topics are covered:

  • Background, markets, and prior art;
  • Electrochemical and electrochemistry definitions;
  • Thermochemistry of electrochemical reactions;
  • Transport phenomena;
  • Electrode kinetics;
  • Electrochemical figures of merit;
  • Electrochemical calculations;
  • Selection of electrolytes, industrial electrodes, and membranes;
  • Electrochemical reactor design and performances;
  • Industrial electrowinning plant calculations;
  • Prototype and pilot testing;
  • Costs and benefits analysis;
  • Financial and sensitivity analysis;
  • Implementation strategy;
  • Bibliography;
  • Appendices;
  • Index.
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